Belangrijk/Important: virus in computersystem DD Cargo (partner Jan Krediet)

Posted by JanKrediet

Unfortunately we have to point out that the computer system of our partner DD-Cargo (Spain) has been infected by a virus. This computer virus consists of malicious software and uses the DD-Cargo e-mail program to transfer the virus to other computers.

Due to the fact that e-mail addresses of Jan Krediet and of some of our customers (for which DD-Cargo provides transport) are included in the e-mail program of DD-Cargo, it is possible that in exceptional cases you will receive an infected e-mail where it seems that DD-Cargo or Jan Krediet is the sender. These e-mails are mostly written in Spanish and English and contain a .doc attachment. In most cases these e-mails do not end up in your inbox because they have already been detected by your spam filter.

If you unexpectedly receive an infected e-mail, delete it immediately and never open the attachment. When in doubt about the origin of an e-mail, you can place your cursor on the e-mail address of the sender and in the case of an infected mail, different information will usually appear. If in doubt you can of course always contact us.

It is not in our power to disable the computer virus, since the virus has entered our partner’s computer system. Jan Krediet’s computer system is not infected. We have, of course, immediately closed all data traffic with DD-Cargo, we have further tightened our protocols and we continue to monitor the situation.

We understand that this is an unpleasant message for you. We apologize for the inconvenience. If new relevant information exists, we will of course inform you as soon as possible.