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The logistics world is changing at lightning speed. No focus today will lead to a standstill tomorrow. The agility of our organisation and our team enables us to continuously move with the dynamics of logistics. Our values ​​always serve as a guideline for yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Roeispanen - Onze waarden - Jan Krediet
High fives - Onze waarden - Jan Krediet


We believe in the power of the team. Every day, we challenge ourselves and each other to just go for the top and beyond. We solve obstacles along the way together by combining our knowledge, experience and strengths. In this way, we manage to overcome the logistical challenges of our customers as a team, time and time again.


Our values ​​are the foundation of our DNA and guide everything we do. This joint focus and clear goals allow us to focus our energy and attention on creating the very best logistic solutions for our customers.

Our values

As a guide for yesterday, today and tomorrow...

  • Go for it and get it done

    Daring and doing with full dedication and decisiveness. Can’t do, does not exist! No matter how complex the question is, we see opportunities, rise to the challenge, persevere, create and put our words to action.

  • Alone strong, together unbeatable

    The engine of our organisation is our team, an unbeatable combination of experienced specialists and young talent. Together we form a well-oiled machine, we are constantly on the move and we have one focus… the top and beyond!

  • The sum of experience and knowledge = solution

    Experience and knowledge form the basis of our solutions. Limitless versatility, resourcefulness and flexibility make them tailor-made. It all adds up to enable us to create value and exceed expectations.

  • One world, one workplace

    The world determines the size of our workplace. We think globally and act locally with an eye and respect for people, culture and the environment. Our limitlessness, agility and strong relationships are the key to global success.