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  • Case high-tech logistics

    We assemble server cabinets in a dust-free clean room in our warehouse for a major player in business IT solutions. Our services do not end here, because this client also relies on Jan Krediet’s team for warehousing, refurbishing server units and worldwide distribution. 

  • Case freight logistics

    As the in-house carrier of a major European retailer printing company, we know just-in-time management. We ensure that the leaflets printed today are at their destination the day after tomorrow.

  • Case contract logistics

    We recently created a tailor-made global contract logistics solution for a client for innovative sleeping systems with climate control. For example, we keep deliveries from Switzerland in bonded storage for this customer in our own warehouses, we distribute the sleep systems to the United States and we provide advice and assistance when it comes to monitoring and controlling the stocks. 

  • Case project logistics

    For a large developer of coworking buildings, we carry out the complete installation of furniture, wall decoration, plants and related goods on location. From workplaces to barista bars and yoga studios, because coworking is not only a style of working but also a style of life. The result? An interior that is perfectly in order when our project team has left the location. In Moscow, Cape Town and Paris, all over the world, Jan Krediet's team provides the right project logistics solution. The counter is now at more than 150 locations worldwide.

  • Case kitchen logistics

    Every night our drivers are on the road to collect kitchens from a large kitchen manufacturer, located in the famous Küchenmeile. Time is everything in this industry, because the kitchens are delivered to the kitchen stores and dealers the next morning.

  • Case furniture logistics

    Distributing 2,000 office chairs a week? Installing flexible workplaces or entire office departments? We do this every day for a large European office furnisher. A logistics puzzle for our planners, a challenge for our drivers and our assembly team.

  • Our standards

    As a global logistics player, we are aware of the impact we have on the world. We take our responsibility in this by creating smart, valuable and environmentally-friendly logistics solutions. We expect this not only from ourselves, but also from our partners and suppliers worldwide.

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