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  • Certificate ISO 14001:2015
  • Freight logistics

    Efficiency, reliability and high standards are leading in our freight logistics solutions. Our team has the expertise and experience in house to organise every transport need effectively and on time. Coming up with customer and product-specific total solutions is our daily work. Regardless of the size and sector of our customers, and no matter how complex or unusual their activities are, we ensure optimum logistics. By road, rail, air and sea, worldwide.

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  • Case high-tech logistics

    We assemble server cabinets in a dust-free clean room in our warehouse for a major player in business IT solutions. Our services do not end here, because this client also relies on Jan Krediet’s team for warehousing, refurbishing server units and worldwide distribution. 

  • Case freight logistics

    As the in-house carrier of a major European retailer printing company, we know just-in-time management. We ensure that the leaflets printed today are at their destination the day after tomorrow.