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  • Expanding horizons with Logistics Plus

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  • Acquisition Logistics Plus

    Recently, Jan Krediet reached a significant milestone with its acquisition by Logistics Plus, a leading global logistics company. This strategic alliance marks a major step forward for Jan Krediet and promises significant benefits for our valued customers. Logistics Plus, with its extensive expertise and global reach, not only strengthens our operational and technological capabilities, but also opens doors to new opportunities and expanded services, enabling us to serve our customers even better in the challenging and rapidly changing logistics world.

  • Jubilee Jan Krediet

    It is with great joy and pride that we announce our 100th anniversary, which will take place in the coming year. This milestone marks a century of growth, innovation and successful collaborations. What makes this anniversary extra special is that it follows the acquisition of Jan Krediet by Logistics Plus earlier this year, where we joined forces to become an even stronger and more innovative company.

  • New times, new offices

    In recent years, office spaces have evolved from traditional, rigid workplaces to flexible, inspiring environments. The old-fashioned cubicle had been out of favour for decades, but even the open-plan office is now in the garbage. This shift reflects not only changing business needs, but also the impact of technology and the desires of a new generation of young workers who demand much more from the workplace. To the 'older' ones, the modern office sometimes looks more like a trendy coffee shop.

  • Ukraine relief action

    Logistics Plus - the parent company of Jan Krediet - remains committed to supporting Ukraine. Last year, Logistics Plus managed to raise more than $660,000 in donations for humanitarian relief efforts, including clothing and food. In 2023, Logistics Plus is focusing its efforts on other needs, including power generators.

  • Customs service expansion

    Jan Krediet is proud to announce that it will soon significantly expand its customs service. This promising development will offer a wide range of new capabilities, improving the efficiency of cross-border trade. With upcoming additions such as AEO licensing, direct and indirect representation, and a bonded warehouse, Jan Krediet aims to strengthen its position as a partner for smooth and reliable international trade processes.

  • API Track and trace

    The Jan Krediet Track and Trace API puts you in control of tracking your shipments at order level. This tool allows you to easily track the status of your orders in real time. Whether for B2B or B2C deliveries, our API provides transparency and insight. With the Jan Krediet Track and Trace API, you are always aware of where your goods are.

  • API Stock

    With the Jan Krediet Stock API, you can effortlessly get a comprehensive stock overview of your goods at order level, including master data, and total, reserved and blocked stock. In addition, this tool provides insight into the number of goods to be stocked in and out. Whether B2B or B2C inventory management, our API simplifies managing and monitoring your inventory levels. Streamline your logistics processes with the Jan Krediet Stock API and maintain full control over your stock, ensuring you are always ready to meet demand.

  • API Shipping status

    With the Jan Krediet Shipping Status API, you can easily get an up-to-date overview of orders in the shipping process at order level, including customer order references and scheduled delivery dates. This tool provides clear insight into the progress of your shipments. Whether for B2B or B2C deliveries, our API simplifies tracking orders in transit. Optimise your logistics processes with the Jan Krediet Shipping status API and have real-time information anytime, anywhere.