Every member of our staff is an expert in their field and take pride in their tasks and input. As a matter of fact, at Jan Krediet “teamspirit” is the word of the day. Every morning there is a brief, hands-on gathering to exchange the latest. To learn from yesterday’s work, talk through today’s business and prepare for tomorrow’s challenges. Then the team leaders have a similar meeting with the MD. Within half an hour, the entire staff are up-to-speed on the focus of that particular day.
This being said; our teamspirit extends further still. Our employees are shown our business figures. In other words: everyone is factually aware of what they are contributing to.
Furthermore, all ideas and suggestions for improvement are studied by co-workers and carried out together. Our management act as a central framework herein.
The system of individual financial benefits has been replaced by a group bonus structure.
Working for our client, working with our client, and thus working towards mutual success!