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Logistics; is it taken for granted?

Logistics, it’s like water. Essential for a livable world, because without water there is no life. It is always present, no one thinks about it, but if it is not there, the world is disrupted. Logistics is just like that. Full shelves in a supermarket are expected, shipping a package from A to B is normal and same-hour delivery is not surprising to anyone anymore. Achieving this requires an enormous amount of knowledge, planning and ICT. How does Jan Krediet, a logistics engineer, handle logistics?

The right ICT infrastructure

The pressure in logistics is high and the expectations rise everyday. Not only in terms of implementation, but also in terms of IT. The information provision must be perfect, the delivery period must be known, and the status must be clear. This applies to both the B2C market and the B2B market. Companies also set the requirements for reporting at a very high level. This leaves us with a challenge and a continuous pursuit of better service. A well-functioning ICT infrastructure, a good level of flexibility and a high degree of friendliness, reliability and customer focus are essential. To be a good logistics service provider and engineer it is necessary to meet these demands.

Jan Krediet goes the extra mile

Transportation is subject to change. Unexpected situations can arise because multiple actors are involved in the process. In traffic, at customs and at the end customer, situations can occure that cause a lot of things to run differently, even in the evening or at the weekend. Problems know no time. Jan Krediet is therefore always available to solve problems immediately. We like to go the extra mile for our customers and do not make it more difficult than it is. Customer research has shown that customers generally give logistics service providers a low reliability status. Transporters do not have a very reliable image. Jan Krediet knows how to distinguish itself in this, we guarantee you the difference.

Imbalance in the world

In addition to the increasing pressure in logistics and the great chance of unexpected situations, the chaos in the world also plays a role. The logistics sector is disrupted by global problems, the imbalance in the world due to containers, price increases and personnel shortages. Factors that endanger a well-oiled machine.

How Jan Krediet deals with this? You can read that in our next blog. Stay tuned!