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The impact of economic stability on Jan Krediet

We are all familiar with the concepts of ups and downs. Currently, there are many concerns about ever-increasing energy and gas prices, skyrocketing inflation, and staff shortages. We don’t know how bad it will get and what the impact will be on our industry, the standard of living, and the future. What we do know is that the economic ups and downs at transport companies do not always coincide with the overall economic situation.


It sometimes happens that transport companies make less profit, especially during a boom. In that respect, the transport sector has a ‘pork cycle’. The pork cycle is an economic term for the situation when meat prices are high, and every farmer is going to build an additional barn. This leads to an increase in supply, causing prices to fall. This term can also be applied to the logistics sector. When the economy flourishes, as we have seen in recent years, storage locations are quickly and easily built, or equipment is easily purchased. If it later goes slightly worse, there is an immediate surplus with many consequences. Being prepared, always thinking ahead, and having a flexible shell are of great importance and part of Jan Krediet’s strategy, says Klaas Slim – director of Jan Krediet.

Change of attitude

People in logistics are often somewhat reserved and anxious. Retaining the customer is superior to making a profit. Nevertheless, a change of attitude can be decisive in maintaining a healthy company, even in times of economic downturn. An example of how Jan Krediet knows how to pioneer as a logistics engineer is by distinguishing ourselves in several things. For example, we not only transport from A to B, but we also carry out repairs, for example, and we work a lot with partners and logistics networks so that we can also supply and refurbish furniture directly. By changing our attitude and a focus on flexibility, both in warehousing and fleet, you ensure a stable and powerful market position.

This is just a selection of Jan Krediet’s strategy to be resilient against every possible scenario. To be vigilant where others are sleeping. That is our starting point.