Limited Fiscal Representation

When engaging in international trade, you will encounter complex procedures and legislation. For example: If a German company purchases goods from you, this firm is obliged to pay import VAT in the Netherlands. This VAT is refunded upon request and over time. However, such a company often does not even have a Dutch VAT registration number. In such cases, Jan Krediet can step in as Limited Fiscal Representative. The VAT is then settled between the customs freight forwarder who issues the import declaration in Steenwijk and the German importing company. Consequently, LFR reduces the amount of fiscal paperwork for your client and also contributes to a smooth logistic process and lower administration costs.


For our clients’ supply chain, it is crucial that the processing of customs and tax formalities is done in a brisk and accurate manner. Our experts are stand-by to ensure that your goods pass through customs as quickly and safely as possible. Thanks to our certification, you will face fewer actual and documentation checks and thus: less delay. We will declare the goods in question, take care of VAT-payments and file the returns for you. Besides, customs clearance is also included.

Customs clearance by Jan Krediet as a direct or indirect representative according to excise licences and letters of credit.

AEO Customs certification.

Application for excise licenses/import licenses and neutralization.

Act as a tax representative with a limited licence or as a representative with a general licence.

Application for BTI (Binding Tariff Information).

Lodging of objections/appeals.

Advice concerning Customs’ procedures and VAT within and outside the EU.

Electronic NCTS (transit) T1/T2 documents and EU documents with bonds.

Advance payments of import duties, levies, excises and Value Added Taxes.

INTRASTAT/CBS/ICL/tax declaration in the Netherlands.

Application for and supply of EUR 1 and ATR certificates (Certificates of Origin).

INTRASTAT/SBA and tax declaration in Germany for companies based in the Netherlands and other EU countries.

Resolve disputes with Customs.

Act as a direct representative in accordance with your OPR authorisation, including the preparation of electronic export and import declaration and file administration.

TIR documents.