The transportation of furniture is a specialized business in itself. Our drivers are fully informed on their freight and especially trained to move and transport furniture with the utmost care. After all, the goods in question are often fragile. Also, they will always reflect your company’s professional approach. Support from co-workers who know the field is available and, if necessary, a two-man team will be deployed to ensure the quality we stand for.


From the North Cape to Gibraltar and beyond, our fleet are a common sight en route. You can rest assured that our drivers will see to accurate, speedy and damage-free deliveries of your furniture. For almost a century now, Jan Krediet has cooperated closely with top-line manufacturers, in full compliance of their duly high demands re quality. This helps in our ongoing endeavors to elevate our services both on the road and at the office. We also deliver to exhibitions and projects such as re-furnishing hotels. With regard to international transportation you too can gain from our participation in MACH-3000.


Whenever possible, we deliver your furniture with our own vehicles.

Speedy and accurate order input through EDI.

Of course, Track & Trace is included real-time check of your shipments and stock situation.