Creating extra space for you

In Steenwijk (NL), we dispose of warehouse capacity of 25,000 m². This is sufficient to store large quantities of furniture or other products to be delivered upon notice at a later moment. We will make sure your goods are handled with all the necessary care. Meanwhile you can keep tabs on your stock situation in real-time. Any additional, specific requirements? Please let us know!


Stock management, order-picking, handling and order processing, furniture assembly, (re)packaging, labelling, returns processing, invoicing and logistic consulting. At Jan Krediet, we provide the above for many of our clients. What’s more, it is our tradition to confer closely with them – and you – about improvements and expansions to our extra services.


Are you adamant to have complete overview? So are we! This is why we register every single goods’ movement in a Warehouse Management System (WMS). At any given moment you have real-time insight re your stocks and order process.
Furthermore, the Track & Trace-option allows for monitoring the current status of all your deliveries.


We are certified to carry out mandatory gas measurements for incoming containers.