Over the years, Jan Krediet has served manufacturers, dealers and import companies within the high-end market to their complete satisfaction. We enjoy complete trust in the transport and handling of their fragile kitchens. Our teams are skillful in loading and dispatching any type of vehicle. We work with special equipment to assure that your products are delivered most efficiently, on time and intact.


We will be most happy to help you devise and implement the best overall solution for you. This will not only reinforce your market position but also enhance customer satisfaction. Receipt, stockpiling and warehouse storage of components: leave it all to us! Moreover, we can also take care of kitchen assembly and installation.


By outsourcing your overall assignment to Jan Krediet, you will have just one contact for the entire project up to and including installation of the new kitchen. Short communication lines, short handling times. This is what logistics is all about; it is our field of expertise.